April 2022

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K Type Thermocouple

K Type Thermocouple(Nickel-Chromium / Nickel-Alumel)Manufacturers & Suppliers The Type K Thermocouple has the broadest temperature range. It is made up of a non-magnetic positive leg and a magnetic negative leg. [...]

Pt-100 Temperature Sensor

Pt-100 Temperature Sensor Manufacturer & Supplier The most popular form of platinum resistance thermometer is the Pt100 sensor. Resistance thermometers are frequently referred to as Pt100 sensors, even though they [...]

High Temperature Thermocouples

High Temperature Thermocouple manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. The Rays Electro High-Temperature Thermocouple is utilized in applications where base metal thermocouples are not suitable due to high temperatures or a [...]

Kiln Thermocouples

Kiln Thermocouples For High Temperature The temperature measuring probes that protrude into your kiln chamber and send information to your controller are known as thermocouples. They, like elements, can deteriorate with [...]