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Pressure Gauges : Manufacturer and Supplier in Gujarat, India
Model  Glycerin Filled, Weatherproof, Diaphragm, Schaffer, Capsule, Differential
Scale  Kg/cm2, PSI, Bar, mmWc, mmHg, mBar
Mounting  Direct Bottom, Panel
Dial Size  63 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 250 mm
Accuracy ±1% of full scale
Case & Bezel (IP-65) SS 304 Snap Action Bayonet type
Movement SS 304
Pressure Element SS 316  ( ≤ 70 bar ‘C’ Type /  > 70 bar Coil Type )
Socket SS 304 / SS316
Dial Aluminum white painted with
270 degree black scale markins
Pointer Al. / Brass, Zero adjustment /
Micro Zero Adjustment Pointer
Window Toughened / Safety glass
Blow Out Protection 63mm on Top & 100 & 150mm on back side at 0.6 Kg/cm2
Over Load Protection 125% of f.s.d. for ≤ 150 Kg/cm2
115% of f.s.d. for > 150 Kg/cm2
Joints Argon arc welded
Mounting Stem (Bottom), Surface, Panel Mounting, Flush Panel ( Bracket Type)
Connection ¼” / 3/8″ / ½” BSP / NPT
Scale Range Vacuum, Compound & Pressure up to 1400 kg/cm2