Temperature Sensors For Motors & Generators Industries

Bearing Temperature Detectors

Bearing Temperature Detectors are used to detect temperature in bearings, thrust bearing plates and shafts. They are small and compact hence an ideal choice where there are space limitations

Bearing Temperature Detectors Manufacturer

Features :

  • Element : RTD (PT-100) or Thermocouple
  • Fast Response and Vibration Immune
  • Available in single element or dual element
  • Spring loaded design available for firm contact
  • Customized design to suit a particular application
  • Various lead lengths and color codes of cables are available

Stator Winding RTDs

Stator winding RTDs are used to measure winding temperature of large Motors, Generators etc. They are rectangular, flat and laminated in style. These sensor are sandwiched between the windings of Motors/Generators.

Stator Winding RTDs Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Stator Winding RTD in Ahmedabad, Gujatat, India
Type PT 100
Configuration Simplex / Duplex
Body Material Fiber Glass Epoxy
Temperature Class Class F (upto 155°C) or Class H(upto 180°C)
Accuracy DIN Class-B, Class-A
Lead Wire Single or Multi stranded silver plated copper conductor with PTFE insulation
Insulation Ratings 240V/ 480 V