PT-100 Sensor

PT-1000 sensor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat | PT-100 Sensor Supplier in India

RAYSTEK PROCESS INSTRUMENTS from Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one of the few largest PT-100 Sensor Manufacturer and PT-100 Sensor Supplier in India. The PT-100 Sensor is a well-known resistance thermometer (RTD) used in industries. These PT-100 Sensors are used widely for their accuracy and standard stability in the measurement of temperature. They are ideal for industrial applications such as generators, motors, and high-voltage applications as they are immune to electrical noise. The superior accuracy of the PT-100 Sensor makes it a popular choice in laboratories as well. Thus, they are highly demanded in applications that require high measurement capabilities and deal with harsh environments. The PT-100 Sensor is categorized as platinum-resistant as this sensor consists of a variable resistor that changes its resistance with temperature. We are a reliable RTD sensor manufacturer in India.

Features – PT-100 Sensor

  • High resistance
  • Non-degradable electrical resistance.
  • Excellent stability
  • Good chemical passiveness
  • High resistance
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